Jailbreak Rules

Rules of Jailbreak
  • Everyone

  • Don't talk over admins during a mic check.

    Admins are making sure all the blues have microphones, if an admin tells you to get off mic unless your name is called, then please make sure you do so. This allows for the admin to quickly do the mic check and then allow the round to carry on as normal.

  • No talking over warden.

    When the warden is talking, do not talk over them. This allows the warden to clearly give orders without being interrupted.

  • No armoury camping.

    You cannot stay in the armoury for a prolonged period of time.

  • No baiting.

    You cannot provoke opposite team members to attack you or get in their range on purpose. Prisoners are not to be killed when attacking someone who is baiting, as long as they are attacking them from within the warden's specified minigame or location, or during transit to these locations without the prisoner detouring or delaying.

    Examples: Being in their melee range, using projectiles, Jarate/Mad Milk, Stickybombs, revving the Minigun, airblasting, scoping on them, joining them in a minigame, melee range, charging the classic/bow.

  • No delaying.

    You cannot hide or stay inactive with the intent of stalling the game.

  • No ghosting.

    You cannot give any information about the game while dead. Examples can include giving them answers in quiz games, or telling people where a player is, exposing ammo or other secret locations / easter eggs. Exceptions are made if the remaining players are ineligible for LR and delaying the game.

  • No continuously calling out a false accusation.

    You cannot repeatedly keep saying "freekill" when it was clearly not. If you are confused if it was a freekill, please refer back to the rules, if it was, make a report. Uselessly complaining it chat won't do anything.

  • Use common sense.

    If you need this explained, you probably shouldn't be playing Jailbreak. Don't interpret rules in an unreasonable manner.

  • No sticky traps.

    Do not place any sticky traps as this can lead to delaying, they are completely banned. However, sticky launchers can still be used for sticky jumping or spamming and exploding them as soon as possible.

  • No exploits.

    Do not abuse map or game exploits to give you an advantage or others a disadvantage, such as latespawning or ammo glitching. If you do spawn with ammo on the red team, do not use it until you have picked up a legitimate ammo source. Do not mask other taunts with the contracker animation.

  • Red Team

  • Rules in this section only make you KOS.

  • No detouring/delaying.

    When an order is given, you must take the shortest and fastest route.

  • AFK freeze when asking for a repeat.

    When asking for a repeat, you must remain AFK frozen until the repeat has been given.

  • No Blue control rooms or armoury.

    Going into off limit places such as blue control rooms and alternate cell exits or trying to reach these places by hitting breakable objects makes you a rebel. Freedays may enter blue rooms so long as they do not grief or block blues and if warden gives permission.

  • No ammo.

    The moment you have ammo, you are rebelling.

  • No lethal taunts.

    Doing a taunt that can kill other players will make you KOS.

  • No force-baiting.

    Do not go out of your way to enter an opposite team members' melee range to claim that they are baiting.

  • No griefing.

    During a personal freeday, you may not get into melee range of the Blue team for no reason, trap Blues by bodyblocking, activate minigames (Death Run, Fall Game, 9 Square, ...) or put non rebel members of the Red team in danger such as by closing a door on them, activating a minigame while they are inside or pushing them away from their destination when collisions are on.

  • No breaking breakables.

    You are not allowed to break breakables that lead to or activate off-limit areas such as alternate routes out of the cells, the armoury, or the prison's main, round-ending exit.

  • No cheating.

    When for instance ordered to do "Obstacle Course", "Death Run" or "Minefield", do not go to the exit of the game and claim to have completed it.

  • No camping in unreachable areas.

    No camping in unreachable areas to delay the round or hide. This includes special days as well such as hide and seek. An example is the Tardis.

  • Do not be a smartass.

    You can attempt to talk your way out of being KOS, but if you do get killed don't whine about it or try to re-interpret the rules to make you right.

  • Blue Team

  • Have a good microphone.

    You are required to use your mic on the Blue team. You can not be on the Blue team if your voice is incomprehensible.

  • No freekilling.

    You cannot kill prisoners for no reason. If you do, slay yourself. Even if a prisoner has received and chosen LR, it is forbidden to kill them unless they rebel.

  • No killing freedays.

    If a freeday has not rebelled and has lasted until the end of the round, do not kill them, regardless of whether or not they've lost their invincibility upon an LR being given. If an LR has not been given during that round, the freedays can be killed or should slay themselves to avoid delaying.

  • No freehitting.

    You cannot hit a prisoner for no reason. Let the victim go to Medic if you did, but be sure to get the Warden's permission first.

  • No force-baiting.

    During freedays or special rounds, do not stand in front of ladders, doorways or other chokepoints in order to prevent the reds from getting past without baiting.

  • Stay with the warden at all times.

    Unless ordered otherwise by Warden or during special rounds such as hide and seek. Guards may not search for a rebel without permission from the warden unless the rebel is in the direct vicinity of the guard. If the rebel escapes, the guard must return to the warden unless permission to chase was granted.

  • "Last Guard kills all"

    If you are the last guard on the blue team, not the warden, you are allowed to kill the prisoners upon sight, as long as the warden role is locked, which is announced in chat by the plugin. You cannot claim LGKA if you have used !uw, if it is first day freeday or an LR freeday. Rules on favouring still apply.

  • No team killing.

    Killing your teammates without first being provoked.

  • No disguising.

    If you have disguised using Your Eternal Reward or the Wanka Prick, remove it immediately.

  • No griefing.

    If you haven't received permission, don't activate buttons that interfere massively with the round, such as within minigames or to release prisoners from the cells. Other griefing includes breaking map objects/triggers that give reds an advantage/disadvantage, using or opening one-time secret passages, or grabbing single-use ammo packs. The only exception to this rule is blues may break breakables to kill a rebel so long as they are certain of the rebel's position and have warden's permission to hunt rebels

  • Ignore freekill orders from Warden.

    If you participate in a freekilling spree then you can get banned. Ignore the Warden's orders if he is telling you to freekill. Tell him about the rules and if he starts team killing for ignoring an invalid order, then report him.

  • No favouritism.

    You cannot give specific players on the red team an advantage over the others. This could include pardoning only them, giving them a free pass on a minigame for no reason while the remaining reds are forced to play it, having uneven teams on team-based minigames, or allowing them to rebel with impunity.

  • Do not kill prisoners during a repeat.

    If the warden is about to give a repeat, currently doing a repeat, or the prisoners are requesting the repeat, you cannot kill them. Exceptions are obviously made when a prisoner is rebelling.

  • Do not go into unreachable places.

    Don't go into unreachable places to delay the round, or to avoid participating in it.

  • Warden

  • No kill orders.

    You can't ask prisoners to kill guards, and you can't order a red to their death.

    In addition, you cannot order guards to kill prisoners without a valid reason, this counts as a freekill on *your* part.

  • No illegal friendly fire.

    Turning FF on without a reason or during a freeday for all.

  • No tricky orders.

    Your orders have to be clear. For example, you cannot say "All deads go to the yellow line." Don't give orders that can be misinterpreted if just a single syllable is not heard.

  • No pardoning reds.

    You may never "pardon" a red for them to no longer be considered KOS. Once a red rebels, they are considered such until the round ends.

  • No conflicting orders.

    Unless there is a special "day" active, reds will follow the most recent order given to avoid confusion.

    For example: Warden cannot say "Stay off my grass" and then order reds to "Follow markers" when a marker is placed on the grass. The reds should follow the marker as it was the most recent instruction given. If the most recent order is "go to the marker and AFK freeze", the prisoners shall still continue to follow the markers, but make sure they know it is placed.

  • Maximum of 3 rounds of the same minigame in a row.

    After that, you must not do that game for at least a round.

  • Giving "Last Request".

    When the last prisoner has survived by following the orders, for example winning a minigame that eliminated the other prisoners, you have to give this person their "Last Request". You cannot knowingly give a rebel or a freeday "Last Request". The only time you can delay giving the last surviving non-rebelling prisoner LR is if you have specified BEFOREHAND that they have to finish the current minigame.

  • Repeat your orders a second time.

    You must give a repeat if asked for or if you were being talked over. You only have to give out one repeat if asked but nobody can talk over you. You mention to the players that you will be giving a repeat and anyone talking over your orders will be KOS. Your final repeat is when nobody has talked over your orders.

  • Be willing to play Warden.

    Don't get on the Blue Team if you don't want to be Warden, you can only do !uw to "unwarden" if you have been Warden in the last 3 rounds and someone else on blue agrees to be warden for the round. You have to get give out real orders whenever you are Warden. You also can't give random freedays when you go Warden.

  • Meat Grinder/Arena may not be played as the first minigame in a round.

    Rather, use it as a decider when there are fewer prisoners left after a different minigame. Cell wars does not count as a minigame for this rule.

  • No renaming

    You cannot rename Reds to something different, only address them as "Reds or "Prisoners".

  • No warden hogging.

    You cannot force yourself to be warden more than 3 times in a row.

    This rule is void if you are chosen randomly, you are making sure that the AFK member of the team doesn't get chosen, or if someone is without a microphone on blue.

  • Warden cannot lie.

    Warden can't lie when giving orders or answering the reds' questions, as this can be confusing and it will be near impossible to tell which order is the correct order.

  • Don't chain specific days.

    You are not allowed to chain the following days: Hunger Games, Hide and Seek or War Day. You must leave at least 1 round between each of these days. LR is an exception to this rule unless the game has been played three times in a row.

  • Definitions

  • KOS.

    Abbreviation of 'Kill on Sight'. Prisoners gain this status by breaking any of the rules in the 'Red' section, attacking a non-baiting member of the blue team, or being defeated in a minigame where the warden specifies that the losers are KOS.

    A prisoner who is KOS shall be killed by members of the blue team once they have the opportunity, and can not receive LR.

  • AFK Freeze.

    No moving, no usage of mouse, and no taunting. Healing with a medigun counts as being AFK frozen.

    Examples: Moving the mouse around the area (Freelooking), Moving around in general, Crouching, Jumping, Taunting, randomly swinging your weapon or launching projectiles.

  • No Free Looking.

    No usage of mouse; you must keep looking in one direction.

  • Taunt Freeze.

    The same as AFK Freeze but you can use looping taunts that keep you in one place.

  • Meat Grinder/Arena.

    Red players fight against one another within an area specified by the warden or the map's predetermined location. May not be played as the first minigame in a round, rather used as a decider when there are fewer prisoners left after another minigame.

  • Out of Cell Rebel Day.

    All prisoners must stay in their cells until the Warden explicitly says the day itself is over.

  • Lava Day.

    All prisoners must avoid touching the ground until the Warden explicitly says the day itself is over.

  • Crouch Day.

    All prisoners must be crouching at all times until the Warden explicitly says the day is over.

  • Cell Wars.

    Warden has to announce beforehand that he will be doing Cell Wars. Friendly fire is turned on and prisoners have to kill all their cellmates. This is only allowed if you have 4 or less players on the blue team in total.

  • Hunger Games.

    All prisoners must kill each other to earn the "Last Request". This minigame has to be announced at the start of the round and cannot be played two rounds in a row.

  • Hide and Seek.

    All prisoners must hide. Blues must stay in the armoury until a time specified by the Warden. The last prisoner alive wins the "Last Request". The minigame must be announced at the start of the round. Blues are allowed to break two sided breakables when searching for reds (ie vents or hidden rooms that can be teleported into and then broken out of); This does NOT include ammo or other secrets that can only be entered and exited through the same breakable. If the game is selected from the last request menu and cells do not open on round start for whatever reason, guards must wait at least an additional minute after cell doors are opened manually. Reds may still be shot from the armory if they are seen rebelling (ie breaking into armory or another breakable) but NOT when they are simply leaving cell area on round start. The warden may end hide and seek early on a non-lr day to speed up the granting of a last request if time is running out.

  • War Day.

    All Blues go to an easily accessible location specified by the warden, and which isn't closed off by a tiny choke. Reds are released and encouraged to grab ammo, and the blues can start roaming after the reds have had a reasonable amount of time to get ammo and the warden gives permission. "Last Request" can not be earned. The minigame must be announced at the start of the round and cannot be played two rounds in a row. Warden may not expand until 7:30 the earliest and MUST give at least a 60 second warning to reds before expanding.

  • Jeopardy.

    All reds must simultaneously participate. The Warden will first specify how to answer and then what happens upon right or wrong answers, before he begins to ask his questions. This game may only be played with the jeopardy map podiums if the amount of prisoners is equal to or less than the amount of podiums. It is automatically assumed that the first red to answer a question correctly gets whatever reward warden offered at the start of the game; Warden must manually specifiy whether he is using buttons on the map or another way to determine who answers first.

  • Simon Says.

    Upon announcing the game, the warden is now Simon and orders given shall only be followed if they are prefaced with 'Simon Says', otherwise they can be ignored. Announcing the game's end is done as the warden, and does not have to be prefaced with 'Simon says' either.

  • Banned Mini-Games

  • Banned Mini-Games.

    Shark, Gladiator, Shoot or Don't Shoot, Pokémon, Theatre, Diner.

  • Banned Days

  • Banned Days

    Bad Luck Day, Trust Day, 360 Day, Look up Day, Opposite day., All days where blues vote on something said by a red.

  • ChangeLogs

  • Disclaimer

    Whatever an admin tells you in game in regards to clarification about rule inconsistensies is what goes. If you disagree, make a suggestion on the forums or contact the admin team via discord.