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  1. Ryaa

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  2. Ryaa

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  3. Ryaa

    Rejected Waffentrager's Appeal

    You have been caught using a NSFW spray after given a second chance. You will not be unspraybanned due to that. Have a nice day and enjoy playing on our servers!
  4. Ryaa

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  5. Ryaa

    Approved Waffentrager's Appeal

    As far as I have seen now, your spray is appropriate and does not contain Nsfw related content. Your appeal will be granted and you will be unspraybanned, enjoy playing on our TF servers! Have a nice day.
  6. Ryaa

    Your favorite class and least favorite class

    The favorite for me is probably Heavy, it is fun to play with and you can always fool around with this class. Least favorite is Scout because I barely know how to play as Scout.
  7. Ryaa

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  8. Ryaa

    Approved HashX3's Appeal

    Due to insufficient evidence on my part. I shall grant your appeal.
  9. Ryaa

    Approved HashX3's Appeal

    Can you prove it in any way? After your death, the game did not show a skull, since you say it was the RTD. The game told "★彡HashX3彡★ bid farewell, cruel world!" Unfortunately, I did not take a screenshot of that or my console since I cleared it.
  10. Ryaa

    Rejected Ryaa's Application

    User name: Ryaa Name / Nickname Ryaa (Real name Victoria) Age 14 SteamID and Discord ID Steam: | Discord: v i c t o r i a#4080 TFStats Are you a native...