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  1. GB_GAS_83

    Rejected GB_GAS_83's Application

    For my past chat logs: The "toxicity" of my past chat logs (it's very old,like more than 6 month i think) is me saying sometime "fuck" and "fuck oof" (there is no mistake, that's how I wrote it before) because the definition of that ("fuck off") was for me "go away", then i searched the right...
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    Rejected GB_GAS_83's Application

    User name: GB_GAS_83 Name / Nickname GB_GAS_83 (just call me “gb” or “gas”) Age n/a SteamID and Discord ID STEAM_0:1:534999063 / GB_GAS_83#4089 TFStats Are you a native English speaker? No Do you have prior gaming community management experience...
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    Hello and welcome
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    Update !rules

    Because !rules isn't updated, I have updated it Feel free to DMs me if there is any grammar error,so i can edit the file
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    Rejected GB_GAS_83's Appeal

    User name: GB_GAS_83 What type of punishment are you appealing? Ban What is the applicable ID? "GB_GAS_83 |" [U:1:1069998127] Who were you punished by? Practical Why should we grant your appeal? Because I just try to report rule-breaker with the fastest way possible...
  8. GB_GAS_83

    If you guys got a goldpan, would you sell it or keep it?

    I prefer keep it a long moment for the fun and if i wanna buy every australium festive pro ks, I will sell it
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    Resolved Report against Maher

    Hello if you want to be invisible while spectating someone, tap sm_speclist_hideme in the console, I made a bind for that's ( bind "c" "clear; status; sm_speclist_hideme") and ( bind "F3" "record report" ) ( bind "F4" "stop" ) (Image #1 "Hey, cut your mom you and Al Jess") (Image #3 "Cut...
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    Your favorite class and least favorite class

    Favorite: Medic because it's fun and it's my main Least Favorite: Engineer because it's not fun to play against and i have only fun as engineer in Mann vs Machine
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    Mr.Vincel introdution

  13. GB_GAS_83

    Resolved Anders Andersson's Appeal

    Hello Build a teleporter outside --> spawn is not allowed And this is not a perma-ban,The perma-ban will happens if you broke the same rule 5 times
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    280 GB_GAS_83#5896
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    Make a silly server

    Ay I want to make a silly server because it's cool to play on a lot of different maps the name: ►♥◄ CTP.TF ►♥◄ | UK | Cutiepie And a list of map: -idle_trade_inkopolis_b1 (ngl, this map is the best of this list) -trade_coni -trade_houseofchaos2 -trade_3d_land_V3 -trade_neon_V87...
  17. GB_GAS_83

    Rejected federaltomcat's Appeal

    I watched your demo and your aim is very weird, It's not like a human who move his mouse to his target but it's more like a robot who aim to your target I send the proof of you cheating recorded by Corrin Here under Detective Pillow Remember, Cutiepie don't unban Cheater
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    GB_GAS_83's introduction

    Ay I am GB_GAS_83, The pepega who tries to help as many people as possible by wasting his time by reporting every rule-breaker he sees and who help newbie when they want to use something like when they want to buy something in the shop etc (Yeah i need some english lessons)
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    Welcome to forum Big Boss