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  1. Emma

    Pending Emma's Application

    User name: Emma Name / Nickname em Age 16 SteamID and Discord ID STEAM_0:0:237367258 / emwah#5691 TFStats Are you a native English speaker? No Do you have prior gaming community management experience? Yes If yes to the previous...
  2. Emma

    Profile picture

    Hey guys i need help idk what to choose for my discord pfp 1. 2. 3. Plz help im very dumb
  3. Emma

    Hi guys!!

  4. Emma

    Sunglasses emoji

    *clicks on various keys of a chinese brand keyboard* Hey guys this is Austin! And you're probably familiar with the wonderful, wonderful sound of a mechanical keyboard- over the last few years, mechanical keyboards have absolutely taken over the gaming market and for a good reason. When they...
  5. Emma

    Favorite class + weapon??

    Hey guys, I'm making a thread to ask you what's your favorite class and weapon on the game. (Very original idea) (mine is demoman and favorite weapon is festivized iron bomber)