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  1. Jim

    Informational Updating Servers! cont.

    We've migrated our German servers to a new IP and introduced Duel, UberUpgrades, Mario Kart, and Deathrun to ALL server regions! Sourcebans and all other sites that list our servers should be appropriately updated within 24 hours!
  2. Jim

    Informational Updating Servers!

    We are currently updating our servers and migrating the German servers to another IP. More information will follow in a subsequent post! In the meantime some servers may be temporarily unavailable but they will be back soon!
  3. Jim

    Informational We're on Teamwork!

    Cutiepie is now on! You can get another view of our community servers at in addition to checking our sourcebans!
  4. Jim

    Informational New UK Servers!

    We've expanded into Tea Land!!! We have 13 new servers in the region including a variety of custom game modes! Check them out under the server list by clicking the Sourcebans tab at the top of the forums!
  5. Jim

    Informational Forums Update!

    With the new forums update, emojis are now built in meaning it's much easier for them to be recorded and more of them can be added! Suggest emoji/reactions you want to see on the forums in the suggestions subforum!
  6. Jim

    Informational Florida Servers Shutdown

    The gameservers in Florida were under performing compared to other regions so it was decided to shut them down in favor of looking at other regions to allocate.
  7. Jim

    Approved To-Do List

    Hewwo it's your friendly neighborhood Jim here. This is the thread where I and other admins will put ideas from accepted suggestion threads. I'll format it better later when there's more stuff and all that too so it won't look ugly. This thread will be LOCKED. If you have a suggestion, make a...
  8. Jim

    Informational New Florida Servers!

    We've expanded into Florida!!! We have 11 new servers in the region including all our custom game modes! Check them out under the server list by clicking the Sourcebans tab at the top of the forums.
  9. Jim


    Henlo, I is Jim. I is do the managing so if you have problemos please do the message me pls. I speak real english too btw wub wub also I am basically the unilateral source of JB rules rn so ask me if you are unclear about anything. <3
  10. Jim

    Informational Staff App Guide

    If you're reading this, you want to learn how to post a staff application. Below I'll tell you how to post, what to expect and a few tips to avoiding common mistakes that can show you in a bad light. To actually find, answer and post an application, you'll want to click the "Post Thread" button...
  11. Jim

    Informational How to Make an Appeal

    How to Post an appeal? To post your appeal, click on the "Post Thread" button in the appeals sub forum to be taken to the form outlined below. What type of punishment are you appealing? : Check the box that corresponds to your punishment. Note that a silence is when you are both muted and...
  12. Jim

    Informational How to Make a Report

    How to Post a report? To post your report, click on the "Post Thread" button in the reports sub forum to be taken to the form outlined below. Reported Player(s): This is where you list the names of the people you are reporting. Please use the names that they were using in your evidence to...