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  1. Jim

    Rejected Noooooooooope's Application

    Applicant never returned or joined discord.
  2. Jim

    Approved Daxmvarg's Appeal

  3. Jim

    Rejected keem's Appeal

    Try making a serious appeal.
  4. Jim

    Rejected Vapors's Application

    Hi Vapors, Unfortunately I'm going to decline your app today mainly because we look for already established community members to apply for staff positions. If you stay active on the servers over the next month or two I'd be happy to look at a new application then!
  5. Jim

    Rejected Nbrx RIP Rick May's Appeal

    Still declined until you decide to tell the truth.
  6. Jim

    Rejected GLaDOS's Application

  7. Jim

    Rejected|#_Dat GamerScot_#'s Application

    Player never joined discord or returned to their application.
  8. Jim

    Rejected Blurr's Application

    I like to observe applicants for a while to see how they respond to criticism and see if their behavior changes or shows undesirable characteristics before making a decision.
  9. Jim

    Rejected|#_Dat GamerScot_#'s Application

    You seem very apathetic in your responses to less than desirable conduct and the whole application. Are you really interested in the community or do you just want to punish people on TF2 that annoy you? I also cannot find you on the discord server. Did you change your tag or...?
  10. Jim

    Rejected ChibiRam's Application

    Hello @ChibiRam Unfortunately at this time you do not seem to be a suitable staff member. Please continue to work on cleaning up your server etiquette and I implore you to complete the application more on your own. I can tell when there's a little more than "minor help" involved and it makes...
  11. Jim

    Resolved Report against Hexagon

    Sorry for the delay, I've had things going on around me so cutiepie has been pushed a little further to the side than I would have wanted. The report has been handled internally and I encourage reporting of any players breaking the rules or abusing, including staff members. I would suggest you...
  12. Jim

    Rejected Vibeprounder999's Appeal

    If you cannot respect a dog I cannot trust you to respect a British.
  13. Jim

    Resolved Report against Hexagon

    I'm not sitting through an hour long demo without ticks being provided.
  14. Jim


    and...? You also need to attach some form of evidence for me to take it seriously.
  15. Jim

    Rejected RixEEy's Application

    Hello @RixEEy After reviewing your application I am unfortunately going to decline you at this time, mainly for Dotto's post. I cannot have a staff member that I would even think they could possibly consider abusing punishment commands which is untrue in your case. Additionally I cannot seem...
  16. Jim

    Rejected HashX3's Application

    I do believe English is your primary language but your written English makes it too difficult to have a fluid conversation with you. This is reflected in the level of your application compared to others available for viewed. You have joined discord but not utilized it at all. For these...
  17. Jim

    Rejected 『æ』's Application

    Thank you for applying to be a staff member. Unfortunately your maturity is extremely questionable which has been shown through your chatlog and your discord conduct. Please continue to enjoy the servers!
  18. Jim

    Rejected oewel's Application

    Player abandoned their application. I haven't bothered to check if they joined the discord at some point.
  19. Jim

    Rejected Button Ben's Application

    Hello @Button Ben Unfortunately you lack several criteria to be a staff member, your age is dubious and could have negative implications on the community were you to be a staff member and your application is of very low quality.
  20. Jim

    Rejected Mothy's Application

    Sorry for the delay @Mothy. While I do notice and appreciate the reduction in offensive chat messages, you still come across as very passive aggressive without cause and seem to be easily aggravated. With that said unfortunately I do not think you would be a good staff member at this time. I...