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  1. Daxmvarg

    why is la duel empty
  2. Daxmvarg

    Resolved Report against 300 ping legacy

    Yeah, that's a cheater. I've this kind of bitchy behavior before. They just go into ammomod and sit there with the brass beast and mow you down before you can even react. Even then, there's still a bit of leeway with how quickly you can react after spawning. It takes around a second for you to...
  3. Daxmvarg

    Resolved Report against jor

    User name: Daxmvarg Reported Player(s): jor Player SteamID(s): STEAM_0:1:126828469 Rules Broken: Cheating (silent aim, aimbot/aimlock, possible walls) Evidence File(s) attached Additional Info: Comments under profile seem to indicate he's a repeat offender.
  4. Daxmvarg

    Art bc I was bored

    now draw my avatar
  5. Daxmvarg

    Art bc I was bored

    looks good
  6. Daxmvarg


    hi I am dax i play the jolly frying man and the shoot ground get kil guy and I am virgin looking for gamer with big bob to play some competitive team fortress 2 with me please reply if you are interested in playing competitive team fortress two serious answers only
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    Approved Daxmvarg's Appeal

    i wil suck ur toes
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    Sunglasses emoji

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    Approved Daxmvarg's Appeal

    User name: Daxmvarg What type of punishment are you appealing? Discord Ban What is the applicable ID? Daxmvarg#2245 Who were you punished by? Dub Why should we grant your appeal? After some due consideration, I now realize the error of my ways. I apologize for starting arguments for the sake...
  11. Daxmvarg

    Favorite class + weapon??

    Depends on the mood. To play? Probably Pyro or Soldier. To watch? Probably scout of Demo. Favorite weapon is without a doubt the Original, Detonator, and Sticky-bomb launcher
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    Giveaway Jsp833's Giveaway (5 Keys)

    The jolly frying man
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    Rejected Daxmvarg's Appeal

  14. Daxmvarg

    Giveaway Giveaway 5

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    Rejected What reason not to expose Admin if no one or I didn't noticed without warning?

    If you're more concerned about accidentally calling out an admin instead of playing the game...
  16. Daxmvarg

    Rejected What reason not to expose Admin if no one or I didn't noticed without warning?

    You're not. That's the point of them going undercover. They don't want people to know you're an admin so that they can't avoid punishment.
  17. Daxmvarg

    Hi, my name is Daxmvarg

    Not unless you're a really slow reader
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    Hi, my name is Daxmvarg

    If you don't know who I am, that's okay. Just ignore this. If you do know who I am though, then that means I'm here to apologize for my toxic behavior these last few weeks. A lot of people have called me out recently for being a pepega, and I gotta say, you guys are right. I'm not the nicest...