1. Emma @ Emma:
    This shits dead
  2. Soixante-neuf @ Soixante-neuf:
  3. Dotto @ Dotto:
  4. Soixante-neuf @ Soixante-neuf:
    I love how hurt in french is blessé
  5. GB_GAS_83 @ GB_GAS_83:
    J'ai mal
  6. Ryaa @ Ryaa:
  7. Daxmvarg @ Daxmvarg:
    I am the best player on LA duel
  8. Emma @ Emma:
    you are a chinese virgin
  9. Ryaa @ Ryaa:
    holy shit dax?
  10. Dotto @ Dotto:
  11. Ryzen @ Ryzen:
    anyone here?
  12. GB_GAS_83 @ GB_GAS_83:
  13. Daxmvarg @ Daxmvarg:
    I have returned
  14. Jim @ Jim:
  15. Daxmvarg @ Daxmvarg:
    Is cutiepie dead
  16. Zion. @ Zion.:
    bro these forums are dead af
  17. Zion. @ Zion.:
    ctp been dead
  18. Daxmvarg @ Daxmvarg:
    damn shame
  19. Daxmvarg @ Daxmvarg:
    had some of my fondest tf2 memories here
  20. Daxmvarg @ Daxmvarg:
    i guess we all grew up
  21. Daxmvarg @ Daxmvarg:
    ayo what happened to all the US servers
  22. Daxmvarg @ Daxmvarg:
    all i could find are UK and GER
  23. Drunk uncle @ Drunk uncle:
    me want mod ;c
  24. Drunk uncle @ Drunk uncle:
  25. Ryzen @ Ryzen:
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