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User name: Blurr

Name / Nickname Blurr

Age 20

SteamID and Discord ID STEAM_0:0:51251563, Blurr#2132


Are you a native English speaker? Yes

Do you have prior gaming community management experience? Yes

If yes to the previous question, please indicate where you acquired this experience and for how long. You may also explain what your duties were in this position. Most are from gmod. I have been head of public relations(HR) for atleast 5 months on that server,Was head of staff on the same server,was a mod of a freak fortress ages ago,was a staff on a slender fortress,

List the IPs / Servers you normally play

Why are you applying for admin? Im applying for admin cause I am having alot of fun on the servers and iv seen a bunch(like 3) of toxic players either mic spamming,chat spamming,being really racist or just being a complete asshole. There doesnt seem to be any admin on the mariokart server and would like to be able to apply the slot that is missing. I would also like to have the fun experiences again that i used to have all the time on mariokart servers back when they were the best maps(still are to me). Well thanks for reading i guess.

List a sample of how you plan to punish players. Be as specific to the game modes you frequent and descriptive as possible . chat/mic spammers would get a warn, then a gag/mute for 30-2 hours mattering how severe it is,then if they continue after being unmuted/gaged they will be kicked/banned(severity again), Cheats would mostly be banned on the spot,exploiters would be warned, then kicked (severity again),


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Hello Blurr,
I will be taking a look at your application today.

6 hours, 37 minutes, 39 seconds (25/08/20)

Chat Logs:
Your chat logs all look good. (25/08/20)

Punishment ladder:
Can you label how you would punish people using [Warn > [X] amount of hours > [X] amount of days > [X] amount of weeks > [X] amount of months > permanent (type of ban) ] format.
Here is our rules page for the type of items we punish for

Feel free too look at the decline applications and the feedback staff have left to gauge an idea of the ladders.

Also we don't punish by kicking players since they can just rejoin the server.

Also on the "Cheats would mostly be banned", if a player is caught using cheats they will be permanently banned.


Do you have any evidence of being in this position and will you be able to provide it?
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This was the gmod server i had and only picture i have from that server of my ranks, and last time i was staff on a tf2 was before discord was around.
And on the automatically perma ban cheaters i knew that i just word things dumb, and i understand not kicking and just banning,
Mic spamming= warning,1 hour gag, 6 hour gag,1 day,3 days,1 week,1month? (if continued after that probly a perma gag)

Chat spamming = warning,1 hour mute,3 hour mute,6 hour mute, 1 day mute, 3 day mute, 1 week,1 month

exploiters = warn,then banned for 3 hours,1 day ban,3 day ban,1 week ban,(then talk to higher up if its a perma?)

Toxicity to other players = warn,3 hour gag/mute,12 hour gag/mute, 1 day ban, 3 day ban, 1 week ban

Spawn camping = warn, ban 1 hour, 3 hour ban, 6 hour ban,1 day ban, 3 day ban, 1 week ban
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Thank you for responding.

All punishment ladders should end with a permanent ban.

Also Mic spamming is a mute and Chat spamming is a gag.

We have a very active Deathrun community here notably "GER DR", are you comfortable with playing DR and with the rules? If not no worries.

Can you tell me how will you deal with the following using the punishment ladder format:

Call admin abuse
Trade scamming
Nsfw sprays
Begging for items
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I kinda of just forgot to put perma, and the mute/gag I mix up, im also fine with playing deathrun i rarely play it but i would be willing to play on it, I normaly go for the casual hang around friends, I am in the US so idk how the ping would be aswell but I will try it next time I'm on and the rules are fine id have to go read them again .

Begging for items = warn,1 hour gag,3 hour gag,6 hour gag,12 hour gag,1 day gag,3 day gag, 1 week, 1 month,permanent.

NSFW Images = warning to change, 2 hour ban,5 hour ban, 12 hour ban,1 day ban,3 day ban, 1 wrrk ban, 1 month ban,perma.

Trade Scamming = ban for 12 hours, 1 day ban, 5 day ban, 2 week ban, 1 month,perma

Call admin abuse = warn,1 hour chat gag,3 hour gag,6 hour gag,12 hour gag,1 day,3 days,1 week,1 month,perma

sorry about the bad punctuation, I was on my phone and I don't do grammar on my phone well.
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are we just waiting for the person that accepts apps to be here??
I like to observe applicants for a while to see how they respond to criticism and see if their behavior changes or shows undesirable characteristics before making a decision.


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I will be declining your application because at the moment you do not seem fit for the staff team. For the time being continue to have fun on our servers, get to know the community, and feel free to re-apply after sometime.
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