Resolved Can't use chat, voice commands or change class/loadout.

Dr Breeble

As stated above, I am unable to chat, change class or loadout when playing on your duel (and presumably other) servers. This has happened for over two weeks and I have not found fix.
Anyone know why?

~Dr Breeble


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If you are stuck in spectator, you can use retry in the console
(This happens if you connect in a server and you wait 5 minutes in spec without choose team)

If you can't use the chat, retry in the console or restart TF2 or wait for the server to change map or wait until some players left (if you wait until some players left when you are on the server, retry in the console for fix the problem)
(The server sometime can't manage to let you talk because there is too many players)

If you can't change loadout or class, restart your game or your pc if restart your game does not work
(It's because your pc haven't enough memory for change your loadout when there is too much thing in the memory of the PC, restart can clean the memory)

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Dr Breeble

Thanks for the responses, the problem only occurs when I am on your servers and whenever I type in the console nothing happens. I cannot, as a result, change teams to spectate.
I have cleared my memory to no avail and do not want to do a factory reset just for tf2.
Thanks anyway.

Dr Breeble

Reinstalling didn't work.
Nothing I enter into the console works so I cannot type "jointeam red"
Thanks for the advice though