Rejected Jimmy Falcone's Appeal

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Jimmy Falcone

New member
User name: Jimmy Falcone

What type of punishment are you appealing? Ban

What is the applicable ID? STEAM_0:0:103141077

Who were you punished by? Unknown

Why should we grant your appeal? I believe it was a false ban, as I have never used a cheat in this game. I've got about 2k hours, can assure you I don't need cheats to beat someone.

Additional Info: All anticheats have their flaws, especially community made ones, I was false-banned.


Sm_ gang
[Anti-Cheat] Aimbot Detected (AA) | Weapon: tf_weapon_knife

We not unban cheaters

also I see you have been reported for scamming people here

We do not welcome either
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