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User name: Joss

Name / Nickname Joss

Age n/a

SteamID and Discord ID Steam:(76561198854098915)Discord:(joss#9947)

TFStats I dont have one sorry.

Are you a native English speaker? Yes

Do you have prior gaming community management experience? No

If yes to the previous question, please indicate where you acquired this experience and for how long. You may also explain what your duties were in this position.

List the IPs / Servers you normally play CTF.TF(trade plaza) CTF>TF(orange x10) and wonderland uk 2fort
aswell as a few other custom servers

Why are you applying for admin? I have been playing for a while on tf2 servers and im intressted of how it is being an admin + i want to help the server.

List a sample of how you plan to punish players. Be as specific to the game modes you frequent and descriptive as possible . If its a hacker il do a wanring ban for 10 days and if they continue il perm ban.
If its a chat spammer il mute for 20 min.
Hello, @Joss

Firstly you're not in the discord by the time you posted this application. Why is that so?

You express a lack of interest with your short, lazy answers in the application. You didn't provide the correct Steam ID and posted 2 absolutely unnecessary emoji.
You also didn't provide me your TFStats displaying lack of care since you didn't read the 2 pinned tutorials on both how to find your CTP TFStats and how to make an app.

Also seems that you lack a certain amount of literacy with multiple mistakes despite being a native speaker.

You have 1.5 days of server log-time at the time you posted this app, which isn't quite enough.

You have an instance of getting banned for a false calladmin, nothing horrible but in your case it's just a con.

I went through your chatlogs and they're generally okay, there's nothing bad as far as I am concerned.

Your punishment section shows that you have no idea nor previous experience on how to moderate the servers and leads me to believe you won't do well.
Cheating is a permanent ban without any warnings.
Explore the forums a bit more and take a look at other applications to summarise what kind of punishments and latters we follow.

In conclusion the current state of your application is bad, by the next time you reply I want you to have improved both your attitude and app, and we'll see where we can
continue from there.
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This application will be declined due to inactivity and failure to respond with necessary changes.
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