Make a silly server


Haha funny commands go brr

I want to make a silly server because it's cool to play on a lot of different maps

the name: ►♥◄ CTP.TF ►♥◄ | UK | Cutiepie

And a list of map:
-idle_trade_inkopolis_b1 (ngl, this map is the best of this list)

The hook is enable on all maps on this list

I will add more maps later (And tell me if you want to change the name of this server)

Dm me for the file if you need : GB_GAS_83#5896
And leave a comment under this with the maps you want

And some people tell me a server like that is not possible because server cost money, Yes server cost money but why not replace a server like Turbine, Mario kart or SKY-HIGH RESORT by this if a server can't be payed, I never seen one player on turbine, Mario kart and SKY-HIGH resort since i am here (7 month ~)
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