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User name: Melectrome

Name / Nickname Melectrome

Age you know how old I am, and I'd rather not share it here.

SteamID and Discord ID STEAM_0:1:209513678 Melectrome#0293

How Strong is Your English? Very Strong

Do You Have Prior Gaming Community Management Experience? Yes

If Yes to the previous question, please indicate where you acquired this experience and for how long. You may also explain what your duties were in this position. Currently an admin at for over a year now.
I also own, used to own
Past admin.

List the IPs / Servers you normally play
♥ ♥ | GER | 2Fort
♥ ♥ | GER | Highertower
♥ ♥ | GER | MGE
♥ ♥ | GER | Jailbreak
Basically DM gamemodes and Jailbreak in EU region

Why are you applying for admin? has no admins yet, and I feel like I could fit that role perfectly well. I have a lot of experience and I even used to be a admin.

List a sample of how you plan to punish players. Be as specific to the game modes you frequent and descriptive as possible .
General Punishments:

Hacker - Get their steamID, start recording a demo and permamently ban if I see that they're hacking.

Spawncamper - Warning, if it won't work then 1 day ban

Inappropriate spray - Permament spray ban

Donor abuse - Record a demo, with enough evidence 1 week ban and report to Jim

Admin abuse - Start recording a demo and report it to Jim

Chat punishments:

Chat spammer - Warning, then 1hr gag if it's first time, 3hr if it's the second time, 1 day gag if it's 3rd time and more

Hack advertising - Because I take it more seriously than all other chat punishments, 1 week gag, 2 week gag if the person was punished for that reason before

Mic punishments:

Earrape/micspam - 1 hour mute, 3 hour if the person was punished for that reason before

Beind disrespectful/rude - Warning, then 1 hour Mute/gag depending on the communication form they used (both if they used mic), 3 hour mute if they were punished for this reason before

VS Saxton Hale punishments:

Point farming - Warning, then slay and 1 day ban for hale and the red

Camping (both teams) - If it results in delaying, warning, then slay, if they continue then 1 day ban

Delaying/Being friendly as hale (and with hale) - Warning, then slay both, if they continue then 1 day ban

Jailbreak punishments:

Ammo glitching - Slay and force the ammo glitcher to rejoin

Teamkilling - Slay the teamkiller, and 1 hour guard ban him. If he repeats teamkilling, 1 day guard ban or even permament guard ban. Also respawn for the person that got teamkilled.

Illegal !uw - Force the person that did !uw to be warden again. If he uses !uw again, 1 day guard ban.

Illegal FF - Force turn off FF and warning. If noone got hurt, I won't do anything. If someone gets hurt, request warden to let everyone go to medic. If few people get killed, respawn them and 1 day teamban the current warden.

Mass freekilling - 1 week ban

Freekill - I'll ask them to slay themselves, if they won't I'll slay them. Also I'll respawn the freekilled person

Latespawning - Slay and warn, because this glitch is actually really easy to reproduce. 1 day ban if they continue latespawning.

Ghosting - 3 hour gag/mute

No mic/using an inaudible mic on blu- Permament team ban and note to appeal on forums if they get a normal mic

Overtalking warden on purpose - 1 hour mute, then 3 hour mute

Overtalking during mic check - 1 hour mute, then 4 hour mute.

Freeday abuse - Just a warning or an instant slay, depending on the intensity

Armory camping - Warning, if they won't, slay.

Delaying - Reminder about active rebelling, if they still delay, slay

All punishments may differ depending on the intensity and past punishments.
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Hello Melectrome.

Unfortunately I'm going to deny your app currently due to a lack of playtime on our servers and that you didn't take the time to deviate this application at all from the one you posted on Blackwonder. Once these criteria are met, I would be more than happy to give a new application from you a look.
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