Rejected MrHitmanRay's Application

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User name: MrHitmanRay

Name / Nickname Hitman Agent Ray

Age n/a

SteamID and Discord ID Ray Bulgarin#1867. steamid : 76561199162252253


Are you a native English speaker? Yes

Do you have prior gaming community management experience? No

If yes to the previous question, please indicate where you acquired this experience and for how long. You may also explain what your duties were in this position.

List the IPs / Servers you normally play

Why are you applying for admin? to help the server, make it enjoyable for everyone to have fun.

List a sample of how you plan to punish players. Be as specific to the game modes you frequent and descriptive as possible . spamming chat warn if again then mute 1-2hr if again 1-3 days if again 1week cheat > permanent, toxic = warn if toxic again 2hr mute im not good at thinking sorry i do my best


Sm_ gang
Hello MrHitmanRay,
I will be taking a look at your application today

You listed your blackwonder stats and I can't find any activity of you on our servers

2021-04-29 19:38:01 ► BlackWonder US | Orange | 100% Crits ◄The Default Classic Sniperwait u dont even have a parents nigger

2021-04-29 19:38:22 ► BlackWonder US | Orange | 100% Crits ◄The Default Classic Sniperboo fucking hoo
2021-04-24 15:35:19 ► BlackWonder | Orange | 100% Crits ◄mmmSpyGunGamingfuck

2021-04-17 18:25:59 ► BlackWonder US | Turbine | 100 Cap Limit ◄MrSnipahYoutubethat spy is a coward and a scum
2021-04-17 15:28:02 ► BlackWonder US | 2Fort ◄MrSnipahYoutubethat spy is a coward and a scum

2021-04-23 22:10:31 ► BlackWonder | Orange | 100% Crits ◄mmmSpyGunGamingyee yee ass haircut u got u would get some bitches

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