Rejected Noooooooooope's Application


New member
User name: Noooooooooope

Name / Nickname ExplorerOfBranches

Age I don't know

SteamID and Discord ID STEAM_0:1:443845753


Are you a native English speaker? No

Do you have prior gaming community management experience? No

If yes to the previous question, please indicate where you acquired this experience and for how long. You may also explain what your duties were in this position.

List the IPs / Servers you normally play This is the one I play mostly: CTP.TF GER HIGHERTOWERX2 X100WEAPON X2HIGHERTOWERV2

Why are you applying for admin? I experienced cheating on a server I usually play and there was no admin or any option to remove the cheater. And because I play on the server quite often and because there are usually less than 4 players I decided to apply admin and I could also look after the server.

List a sample of how you plan to punish players. Be as specific to the game modes you frequent and descriptive as possible . First of all, I would tell the badly behaving specimen politely to stop the bad behavior (maybe multiple times, depending on the situation). Then, I would ban the player for a period of time depending on the situation, for instance I wouldn't punish a super loud random child shouting in the microphone, maybe 1 hour as much as a cheater, maybe 1 week (because cheaters have no reason to stop cheating). In my eyes, on this server, "spamming" the microphone, or the chat, using hacks, being "afk", spamming the chat, being a bad admin and being a "tryhard" against friendly players too much are things which should be punished. I would only ban players permanently if I experience them cheating more than twice. If I was accepted, I would try to play like any other player on the server, without using my admin rank as an advantage.


Sm_ gang
Hello ExplorerOfBranches,

I will be taking a look at your application today.

Somehow you have managed to link your stats. This would of required you to log on to a different community website.
Here are your ctp stats

Playtime: 1 hours, 42 minutes, 19 seconds

Chat Logs:

From looking at your chat logs, they look fine

Punishment ladder:

Can you label how you would punish people using [Warn > [X] amount of hours > [X] amount of days > [X] amount of weeks > [X] amount of months > permanent (type of ban) ] format.

Here is our rules page for the type of items we punish for ”]

We don't punish by kicking players since they can, they just rejoin the server.

If a player is caught using cheats they will be permanently banned.


Have you joined the CTP discord since this would be a requirement to be a mod