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If you're reading this, you want to learn how to post a staff application. Below I'll tell you how to post, what to expect and a few tips to avoiding common mistakes that can show you in a bad light.

To actually find, answer and post an application, you'll want to click the "Post Thread" button here in the applications sub-forum as shown in the screenshot below.

Afterwards, you'll be taken to a form with several questions outlined below. Here you can see a short description of what is expected when you answer each question and roughly how heavily each question weights into being considered for acceptance. Being lazy and rushing will show and hurt your chances of being accepted.
Name / Nickname

Self-explanatory. What name do you typically go by and are known as? You may list your actual first name if you want but it is not required.

Your Age

Not required but a helpful indicator when measuring maturity among other things. Lying here will strongly hurt your application. If you feel uncomfortable telling us your age, it is better to leave it as n/a than to say you are older than you really are.

SteamID and Discord ID

We are looking for the STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXXX and Name#XXXX formats respectively


There is a thread directly under (or above) this one that tells you where to find this. If you can't find it, you probably didn't read that thread or this one either.

Are you a native English speaker?

One of the most important aspects of being a staff member is communicating with players. We are mainly an English speaking community so it's important to us to know how well you can accomplish this. This question has been modified to promote better transparency so players are more truthful. So long as you can communicate "well enough" in English the answer to this question will not typically matter.

Do you have prior gaming community management experience?

Yes or No. Not having experience will NOT be held against you but having such experience will be beneficial.

If yes to the previous question, please indicate where you acquired this experience and for how long. You may also explain what your duties were in this position.

Know that the information you post here will likely be cross checked. Describe what you did whether it be direct player management or back-end / forum work or something else. If places you supposedly staffed for no longer exist / shut down, please say so or it will appear dubious.

List the IPs / Servers you normally play

Useful to know when identifying servers that need staffing. Jailbreak typically needs a much larger staff team due to it needing constant watching.

Why are you applying for staff?

This is likely the most influential part of your application. Feel free to expand on the question beyond what it asks. Answer as much about yourself as you think is relevant to being recognized as someone who would make a good staff candidate.

List a sample of how you plan to punish players. Be as specific to the game modes you frequent and descriptive as possible.

Give example punishments on how you would plan to deal with players off the bat. Include as much information relating to rules that can affect your gamemode. Be reasonable and research what admins typically punish for certain offenses (and keep in mind to explain how you deal with repeat offenders).

If you read all that you now know how to make an staff app :D . Only worry about the content when filling out the application, you can ignore formatting until after you post. Once you post the application you can edit it for an hour before it locks. More details are available on the application itself which will be relevant when you reach that stage.

Good Luck!
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Update ~

Until further notice, applications will have their initial threads editable by the application poster indefinitely instead of the original one hour time limit.