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User name: vincel

Name / Nickname Vince

Age 18

SteamID and Discord ID discord:??.??????#0605

TFStats SteamID3:[U:1:902286567] total play time in tf2 is 2,838 hours my stats:

Are you a native English speaker? Yes

Do you have prior gaming community management experience? Yes

If yes to the previous question, please indicate where you acquired this experience and for how long. You may also explain what your duties were in this position. well not too much but i am still practising can tell that i am good at it

List the IPs / Servers you normally play ,,,, and

Why are you applying for admin? Becouse i am very active in trade minecraft and not so much in trade plazza servers and i saw some toxic chats and to interfere with or be rude to each other witch is bad and players will not enjoy the time that they are in server. Also saw a some traders that are trying to scam some of the players and often there is no admins. So i will try to be more active in the servers just to to keep everything under control.

List a sample of how you plan to punish players. Be as specific to the game modes you frequent and descriptive as possible . Link spams> First warning> second warning>1 hour BAN
Trade links spam>First warning> second warning>2 hours ban
mocking players and manipulate them> warning and tell him to stop>4 days ban
cheating> permanent
toxic and mic spam>warning after player reported> 2 days ban
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