Your favorite class and least favorite class


Let's talk about what are your favorite classes and what are your least favorite classes and the reason why.

FAVORITE: Soldier, because I started tf2 as soldier.
Least FAVORITE: Pyro, because I never played this class for real.


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Favorite: Medic because it's fun and it's my main
Least Favorite: Engineer because it's not fun to play against and i have only fun as engineer in Mann vs Machine


The favorite for me is probably Heavy, it is fun to play with and you can always fool around with this class.
Least favorite is Scout because I barely know how to play as Scout.


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Favorite class (technically sub-class) is definitely demoknight, have too much fun with it lol. Least favorite is pyro, aka my biggest pain in my ass. (No offense to pyro mains at all, you guys are just good counters to my main)