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    Rejected Emma's Application

    lack of effort
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    Pending Drunk uncle's Application

    Hello I will be looking at your app today. All seems alright however you do have a few questionable chat logs. I do acknowledge that your recent chat logs are better however you past ones where quite toxic. 2021-10-29 18:00:06 ►♥◄ CTP.TF ►♥◄ | LA | DUEL the rock rap ur dad left u...
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    Resolved Report against GB_GAS_83

    No issue with ban. Case closed
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    Rejected Toaky's Application

    Hello Toaky , I will be taking a look at your application today I can't seem to find your playtime or chat logs on our system. Also the servers you have listed are BLW not CTP Are you sure you are applying to the right community?
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    Rejected Waffentrager's Appeal

    You are now permanently spray banned. You will not be unbanned.
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    Rejected lamesause's Application

    Declined due to no response from applicant
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    Rejected Jimmy Falcone's Appeal

    [Anti-Cheat] Aimbot Detected (AA) | Weapon: tf_weapon_knife We not unban cheaters also I see you have been reported for scamming people here We do not welcome either
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    Rejected lamesause's Application

    Hello lamesause I will be taking a look at your application today. Playtime: 55 minutes however this is not up-to-date I have have also see you have linked your blw stats as well which would of required you to log on to a different community page to get them Chat Logs: you have 595...
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    Invalid Report against Admins 7 and Amy

    Rejected due to insufficient evidence
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    Invalid Report against Admins 7 and Amy

    Hello, I cannot find the your ban on our system. From what I can see Amy is not an admin on our system but Admins 7 is. Do you have anymore evidence?
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    Giveaway Giveaway 13

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    Rejected Naga's Appeal

    You were banned by the anti cheat. We do not unban cheaters.
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    Rejected GB_GAS_83's Application

    Thank you for your application however I am going to have to decline you since after careful discussion with the senior staff team we feel that you are unfit for the role at this current time.
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    Giveaway Giveaway 13

    Prize Discord Nitro classic Rules to join: Must be a member of the CTP Discord (comment discord name and ID this makes it easier to give the prize) Must be a member of the CTP forum Must be a member of the CTP steam group (, comment steam id if...