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    If you guys got a goldpan, would you sell it or keep it?

    sell it for keys, cash out the keys, and invest in boeing stocks biden is likely to go to war so he will invest lots of money into the us airforce
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    Resolved Report against Maher

    just gonna tack on a bit of extra information when i was playing against him on uk trade mc, almost every shot he took was a headshot whilst using the ambi but i switched to spectator and he couldn't aim for his life he wasnt even that good at spy with cheats off lmao
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    let's GOOOO
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    Your favorite class and least favorite class

    scout is fav because main engineer is least fav because counters scout
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    500 Ryzen#8496
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    Resolved Can't use chat, voice commands or change class/loadout.

    type "jointeam red" in console
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    Giveaway Dead By Daylight DLC Giveaway

    Ryzen#8496 me after gb wins
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    remove weapons from deathrun

    remove weapons from deathrun
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    Rejected Ryzen's Application

    User name: Ryzen Name / Nickname Ryzen Age N/A SteamID and Discord ID STEAM_0:0:188555668 Ryzen#8496 TFStats Are you a native English speaker? Yes Do you have prior gaming community management experience? No If yes to the previous question, please...
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    already bro? 510 Ryzen#8496
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    Giveaway Jsp833's Giveaway (5 Keys)

    restrict weapons in deathrun
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