Rejected MothyT's Application


New member
User name: MothyT

Name / Nickname Mothy

Age 12

SteamID and Discord ID Mothy#4770

TFStats [U:1:1126340819]

Are you a native English speaker? No

Do you have prior gaming community management experience? No

If yes to the previous question, please indicate where you acquired this experience and for how long. You may also explain what your duties were in this position.

List the IPs / Servers you normally play LA/NA duel

Why are you applying for admin? I want to apply for admin because cutiepie is my favorite community and I am only applying because I am bored and don't know what to do right now. I want these staff powers to bully people like my friends but I would kinda do my job. I would most likely not do my job and I would abuse a lot but you never know.

List a sample of how you plan to punish players. Be as specific to the game modes you frequent and descriptive as possible . Toxicity: [W->2 hours G/M->4 hours G/M->6 hours G/M->1 day G/M->3 days G/M->1 week G/M->3 weeks G/M->PG/PM]

Inappropriate language: [W->2 hours G/M->5 hours G/M->1 days G/M->3 day G/M-> 1 week G/M->2 weeks G/M-> 1 month G/M->PG/PM]

Scamming: [5 hours B->3 days B->1 week B->2 weeks B->1 month B->PB]

Racism: [W-> 3 hours G/M->5 hours G/M->1 day G/M->3 day G/M->6 days G/M-> 2 weeks G/M-1 month G/M-> PG/PM]

Chat spamming: [W->1 hour G-> 3 hours G->5 hours G-> 1 day G-> 3 days G->1 week G->2 weeks G->1 month G->PG]

Calling out undercover admin: [W->3 hours G/M->6 hours G/M->12 hours G/M->2 days G/M->4 days G/M->1 weeks G/M->3 weeks G/M->PG/PM]

Staff impersonation: [W->2 hours B->4 hours B->8 hours B->1 day B->3 days B->1 week B->3 weeks G/M->PB]"

Exploit: [W->2 hours B->4 hours->8 hours ban B->1 day B-> 3 days B->1 week B-> 3 weeks B->PB]

Random trade request: [W->2 hour B->3 hours B-> 5 hours B-> 1 day B->2 days B->5 days B->2 weeks B->PB]

Speaking non-english language in VC: [W->2 hours M-> 4 hours M->6 hours M->1 day M->3 days mute->1 week M->3 week M->PM]

Abusing weapon in Deathrun: [W+S->2 hours B->4 hours B->1 day B->3 days B->1 week B->3 weeks B->PB]
Delaying: [W+S->2 hour B->3 hours B->5 hours B->1 day B->2 days B->4 days B->1 week B-> 2 weeks B->PB]
Suicide as death: [W->2 hours B-> 4 hours B->8 hours B->1 day B->3 days B->1 week B-> 3 weeks B->PB]
Ghosting: [W->1 hour G/M->3 hours G/M->5 hours G/M->1 day G/M-> 3 days G/M->1 week G/M-> 2 weeks G/M->PG/PM]

Hacking: [Permanent ban]
Advertising cheats: [Permanent gag/mute]