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*clicks on various keys of a chinese brand keyboard* Hey guys this is Austin! And you're probably familiar with the wonderful, wonderful sound of a mechanical keyboard- over the last few years, mechanical keyboards have absolutely taken over the gaming market and for a good reason.
When they first came out they were very, very expensive. But now on Amazon you can pick up something like this *points at chinese brand keyboard* for 40 bucks- and no you're not going to have any of the bells and whistles- but importantly you're still going to be getting the sounds and you're also be getting that feedback. (I kinda just had to type on that to give you sort of an idea of the sound- the feedback... is kind of on you)
So razer just drops off a box with their brand new keyboard and all of the mechanical switches- I've got to admit, I'm definitely curious(« (*laughs* th-thats... so awesome).
So this, is the razer huntsman- now whats a little bit different with this keyboard is that the idea of an optical mechanical switch *clicks aggressively on mechanical keyboard*
*shows image of razer huntsman's switch* The main difference between this and a standard mechanical switch is that as opposed as when you press the button and you're actually pressing a little sort of physical button on the bottom of the switch, instead when you hit that key, there's a beam of light thats going across. So once its starts to depress it actually cuts off that beam of light, which immediately sends a signal from your keyboard to your computer that the keys has been hit- And because razer is razer they had to go completely over the top with this: a giant model of what the actual switch looks like. Ive already seen this and it is totally and completely ridiculous- i mean just look at this *grabs model of the switch and laughs and smashes the switch 3 times and laughs again*
So for scale this is what the real switch looks like *points at the mechanical switch* versus *smashes the giant model of the switch twice* the giant switch that they have provided. So this was actually 3d printed but it does give you a good idea of how the switch works. So as you press this down, it breaks that beam of light. And as soon as that light is broken, it will send an immediate signal, so you dont have to wait for the spring to compress, you dont have for the button to goand fully depress itself. And you also dont have to wait for any built-in delay to sort of avoid any kind of double presses.
Its actually a really cool design and its sounds cool.